mother of Lucy, 12


Giselle has been teaching our daughter Lucy, the violin for the last year. We are totally delighted with the improvements that Lucy has made in this time. She has become a technically much more accomplished violinist, with a much greater confidence to attempt a broader and more complex range of music.


Giselle has a calm, patient and reassuring  teaching style, ensuring a solid technique is built whilst playing interesting and varied repertoire. Giselle demonstrates the techniques and skills needed for the pieces, as well as sharing video links so that Lucy was really grasp how to take her playing to the next level. Giselle has also encouraged Lucy to broaden her musical knowledge, inviting her regularly to attend Newport  symphony orchestra concerts. We would recommend  Giselle unhesitatingly and have no doubt that she will help Lucy develop still further.


mother of Matthew, 16


Gisele took on our post grade 8 son and in 6 months has developed his violin skills greatly. Her patience and teaching style has suited our boy who is 16 and not easily motivated. Lessons have continued via zoom over lock down, helped by Gisele’s patience, flexibility and tolerance of our chaos and occasionally rubbish reception.
We are incredibly grateful!

matthew, 16

...in his own words:

In my lessons, Gisele makes sure that when I am learning music, I receive full understanding, not only of intonation and rhythm, but of good technique and style. She has concentrated specifically on my weaknesses that consequently have improved greatly since she started teaching me. She gets through a large amount of learning in each lesson making sure that every detail is perfected meaning that I am improving at an extraordinary rate. Gisele is very positive and influential in my lessons causing me to be encouraged to improve at playing the violin.


mother of Georgia, 12


'Gisele has been teaching our daughter since Christmas (2019). So pleased with how much she has come on. Gisele is a great teacher who is always friendly and encouraging with plenty of much needed patience. She is greatly invested with our daughters progress and is even offering lessons over Zoom so she can continue her learning during this Covid crisis.'


mother of Helena + Josh


'Gisele is a gifted violinist with a passion in music. She is very soft, loving and motivating.  My two children are being trained by her and they enjoy their lessons very much.  Gisele's warm approach has influenced them a lot and they picked up a lot in just three months. She treated every child as her own and encourages them to pursue their goals.  Apart from that she organizes concerts and thus gives every pupil an opportunity to perform in such concerts.  I would definitely recommend Gisele to anyone who wants to learn to play violin.'

Dominic, 15


'I have been doing theory lessons here for around 4 weeks now and already I have felt that they have helped me progress and stay on top of my GCSE music course work. She is an excellent teacher, who listens to my needs as a student and is clear on what  i need to do to develop.'


Mother of Layla, 10

Bradford on Avon

'Our daughter came on leaps and bounds after taking violin lessons with  with Gisele.  She inspired and encouraged with a passion - my daughter actually practised because she wanted to.  Would highly recommend taking lessons with Gisele.  It's a shame she relocated!